Sunday, 9. August 2020

WP 1 Management

This work package comprises all consortium management activities needed to perform the AIM² project, including the promotion and exploitation of the results of AIM², providing a communication platform, ensuring the consideration of gender issues and the execution of audits.

Task 1.1. Coordination of the technical activities

The task 1.1 includes the steering and coordination of the work package activities in view of the technical project objectives and the overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative management. The task ensures the interface with the European Commission (EC) and thus the external representation of AIM² partners in relation with the EC. The task also includes the preparation and maintenance of any consortium agreement. DLR does take care of the preparation, calling and chairing of review and programme management committee meetings and is coordinating the preparation of the minutes of programme management committee meetings, the preparation of progress reports and finally the distribution to the EC and all AIM² participants. The collection of cost statements and transfer of funding is also be included. DLR does monitor the success as well as the risks and ensure the information exchange between the different tasks in cooperation with all AIM² partners.

Task 1.2. Database, website

DLR does provide a communication platform that is used to maintain the points of contact and to exchange data and deliverables. All partners are able to use this website to get latest information about the project, announce project meetings and post reports and deliverables. To make this website effective, all partners have to update contact data and post up-to-date meeting information and any other relevant information. The website does include a project management tool which allows monitoring the project progress. All partners are asked to hold the project management tool up-to-date. Beside the private partner website this official public website promoting the project is presented.

Task 1.3. Knowledge management, exploitation, gender issues

Within task 1.3 the knowledge management and the exploitation of the project results are coordinated. Furthermore activities to promote the gender equality are formed within this task.

Task 1.4. Audits

All partners do perform audits of their project related costs.

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