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Thursday, 16. July 2020

AIM² Advanced Flight Testing Workshop

This workshop was directed at researchers and engineers interested in applying modern optical measurement techniques for flight test. All were welcome to participate in the Advanced Flight Testing Workshop which was held from the 9th to 14th of September 2013, at Rzeszow University of Technology Aviation Training Centre, Rzeszów, Poland.

The aim of the workshop was to present the state-of-the-art knowledge on the application of modern optical measurement techniques to measure the thermal and flow parameters in-flight. Furthermore, advanced optical methods to measure the deformation of the surface of the wings and rotor blades of aircraft have been presented. Delegates gained detailed knowledge and experience, as a result of research conducted in the framework of two European projects AIM and AIM² and verified during the flight test on various types of aircraft. These have included the Evektor VUT100, Airbus A380, Dornier 228, Fairchild Metro II, Janus, PW-6, Piaggio P180 and Scottish Aviation Bulldog. There have also been significant networking opportunities through contact with leading EU flight test researchers and engineers.

Lectures and practical exercises have been delivered by AIM² personnel. Several aircraft including the PW-6 from Rzeszów University of Technology, have been used to demonstrate the flight test techniques.

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