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Wednesday, 15. July 2020

3rdSymposium on Advanced In-flight Measurement Techniques

 - 10th to 12th of May 2016 -

 DLR - Nuremberg



Flight testing is the most critical and time- and budget-consuming phase of aircraft development. Within a short time reliable performance data of the new airframe have to be gathered; this includes structural, aerodynamic and flight mechanic parameters. Advanced optical measurement techniques such as those developed within the collaborative project AIM2 (Advanced In-flight Measurement techniques 2, funded by the European Commission contract no. 266107) are able to deliver such data after a very short time, and in addition can minimize the installation effort on the airframe compared with classical measurement techniques. Furthermore they work mostly non-intrusively and are able to capture a large amount of important data in an area or over a volume at one instant of time.


The 3rd Symposium on Advanced In-flight Measurement Techniques focuses on the presentation of the latest developments of such optical methods. Participants will get a good overview on what is possible with these measurement methods and will be able to discuss with specialists about any important issues concerning these techniques and their applications.



The European Society of Telemetry
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AIM 2016 Symposium
Fritz Boden
Telephone: +49(0)551 709 2299

Call for papers.

You are invited to take part to this event, to share your applications or just take the opportunity to get a good overview on what is possible with these measurement methods.

To submit an abstract (max. 200 words) concerning advanced in-flight measurements please use the abstract submission form (just click here ) or submit it via email (just click here ) .

Maintopics are:

  • optical measurement techniques
  • challenging in-flight applications
  • large scale testing

Registration and further information.

For further information about the event and for the registration please visit

AIM² Advanced In-Flight Measurement Techniques, c/o German Aerospace Center (DLR), Bunsenstrasse 10, 37075 Goettingen, Germany, Tel: +49 551 709 2252, Fax: +49 551 709 2830, Email: