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Wednesday, 15. July 2020

AIM² Session on ETTC 2015

During the European Test and Telemetry Conference (ETTC) 2015 that took place in Toulouse (France) from 9th to 11th of June 2015 in total six papers regarding optical measurement techniques related to AIM² have been presented. The "SESSION N° 1 – Transducers, measurement devices – AIM2 research European Programme" (chairman: Fritz Boden – DLR - Germany) dedicated to AIM and AIM² included the following AIM related publications:


N°1 - Advanced In-flight Measurement Techniques – Fritz Boden – DLR – Germany.


N° 2 - Recalibration of a Stereoscopic Camera System for in-flight Wing Deformation Measurements - Tania Kirmse - DLR Göttingen – Germany.


N° 3 - In-flight wing deformation measurements by image correlation technique on A350 - Benjamin Mouchet and Vincent Colman - AIRBUS Operation SAS – France


N° 4 - Rotating Camera System for Propeller and Rotor Blade Deformation Measurements - Fritz Boden, Boleslaw Stasicki and Marek Szypula – DLR – Germany


N° 5 - Development of Fibre Optic Strain and Pressure Instruments for Flight Test on an Aerobatic Light Aircraft - Nicholas Lawson, Ricardo Goncalves Correia, Ralph Tatam, Stephen James and Jim Gautrey - Cranfield University – United Kingdom


N° 6 - Recent achievements in Doppler lidars for aircraft certification - Claudine Besson, Beatrice Augere, Agnès Dolfi-Bouteyre, William Renard and Guillaume Canat – ONERA – France


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