Monday, 20. January 2020

IF-PIV reloaded

the flight test crew

the laser light sheet propagating through the clouds

particles illuminated by the laser light sheet in front of the observation window

a documentary is available at euronews futuris

In-flight PIV measurement campaign successfully performed

Between calender week 42 and 43 2013 the in-flight PIV measurement campaign was successfully performed at DLR in Braunschweig. During the 4 flight trials in total different parameters of the PIV and ILIDS setup were tested. A big amount of image and sensor data was recorded. Now all the data is going to be processed in order to assess the applicability of Inflight PIV to flight testing in the future.

At the end of the measurement campaign a film team of EURONEWS was present and a short documentary about the in-flight PIV measurements now is available at (languages can be selected using the drop-down menu on the website).

To the DLR teams from Goettingen (Institute of Aerodynamics an Flow Technology) and Braunschweig (Institute of Flight Guidance and Flight Experiments) :-) we say "Thanks a million, you did a great job!" :-)

Wednesday, 20. November 2013
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