Monday, 20. January 2020

Dotted COBRA was flying

Mission done!

Cameras installed in the airplane

Plate for camera calibration

view of the front camera

view of the rear camera

Ground test - static wing deformation

Pre-flight check of instrumentation

WP 2.4 Flight tests performed.

In term from 12th till 15th of August ground and flight tests of WP2.4 were performed in Kunovice (CZ). The IPCT techniques as well as classical techniques were used during tests. During ground tests next measurements were performed:

  • cameras calibration,
  • geometry check (pattern and cameras relative position determination), 
  • aileron deflection measurement,
  • static deformation due to wing load measurement, 
  • dynamic response of the wing on the impact (empty and full fuel tanks) measurement.

During flight tests next measurements were performed:

  • aileron deflection (steady sideslip flight; transition between roll and reverse direction of the roll),
  • static deformation due to wing load (2g steady turns; -0,5 ÷ 2,0g parabolic flight),
  • impact during landing, 
  • flutter tests, 
  • effect of the velocity (145, 160, 170KIAS), 
  • effect of fuel loading (maximum and minimum fuel amount).

There are a lot of data taken during these tests, so now the evaluation process starts.

Tuesday, 20. August 2013
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