Sunday, 19. January 2020

AIM² flight testing workshop

participants of the workshop

opening session

rotating camera for propeller deformation measurements

a demonstration of BOS on an aircraft propeller

visualisation of the propeller blade tip vortices with BOS

IPCT demonstrated on the PW-6

a ground run with PW-6 to demonstrate IRT

the participants take a look to the IRT results

it was great - thank you all

From 9th to 14th of September 2013 the AIM² Advanced Flight Testing workshop took place at the Aviation Training Center of Rzészow University in Poland. 20 participants from aircraft industries, research institutes and universities attended the lectures about the AIM² measurement techniques IPCT, FBG, LIDAR, PIV, BOS and IRT. Furhtermore they had the great opportunity to join several exercises on real aircraft with advanced FTI and to discuss with the specialists of each measurement technique. For some impressions from the workshop take a look to the photos at

If you are interessted in the handbook of the workshop (AIM² Advanced Flight Testing Workshop), just ask your trusted book dealer for the ISBN 978-3-7322-3740-1 (printed book) or 978-3-8482-6870-2 (e-book).

Tuesday, 01. October 2013
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