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Sunday, 9. August 2020

Measurement Techniques

On the following pages the applied advanced optical measurement techniques are presented.

The methodology of the techniques as well as the state of the art and the advance that the AIM² project will bring are described. Figure 1 highlights the progress made with advanced measurement techniques within the AIM project and the developments planned for AIM².

Figure 1: Development of advanced measurement techniques and expected progress within AIM²
Figure 2: Cover of the book AIM² Advanced Flight Testing Workshop: HANDBOOK of ADVANCED IN-FLIGHT MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES (ISBN 978-3732237401)

As the preceding AIM project has shown, all these measurement techniques are not only applicable to fixed wing aircraft but to helicopters as well. However, as the industrial partners of the helicopter industry of the AIM project do not continue their participation, as they are aiming at a dedicated and helicopter specific project in future, AIM² concentrates on fixed wing aircraft.

Figure 2 shows the cover of the Handbook released for the AIM² flight testing wprkshop containing useful informations about the applied measurement techniques.

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